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Annie's Story

 I was diagnosed with the first stage of breast cancer when I was 36 years old, September 2020.


Among all the chemotherapy treatment side effects, breast cancer chemotherapy side effects are considered the most severe one with major hair fall. It can be said: "The hairy areas are all stripping off"! Also, due to hair loss, my scalp is very sensitive! There is no way to wear a wig, so I chose to wear a hat.


However, it is difficult to find a comfortable and beautiful hat locally. Many comfortable and fashionable hats can only be ordered from abroad. The postage is often more expensive than hats, and the delivery duration is always long.

Waiting is suffering, and it is also lonely. Those friends who are facing the same condition as me, aren’t they suffering the same as well? 

At this moment, the idea of helping them came into me. Therefore, I want to find the most comfortable fabric, use soft and breathable materials to match different styles and make comfortable and fashionable headwear. This is also a kind of comfort to the lonely patients. It is very meaningful to use beautiful and fashionable headwear to accompany the patients, therefore the patients can rebuild their confidence, and their mood will be happy. Besides, we always should look good to blow the gloomy storm away from us and welcome the sunshine with a bright smile. Good appearance always brings that, and I find that it is even more important to all the cancer survivors.

This led to the creation of MIYACO. MIYACO is not only just a brand but it’s a memorial of my mother. She raised us up with so much of struggles and she pours out all her love and care to us and her grandchildren. Unfortunately, she left us after a long battle with breast cancer. This MIYACO is a way of remembering my mother and may she gives more courage and braveness to all the cancer survivors through this beautiful headwear.


I hope MIYACO's headwear can help cancer friends to gain their confidence and spread positive energy. Wearing MIYACO, cancer friends will feel better and accompany them happily and bravely on the journey of fighting cancer.

Dear cancer survivors, we can do this together, let embrace our journey even brighter with MIYACO! 


Embrace with MIYACO!







等待是煎熬的,更是孤独的。 。 。那些和我有一样病情的朋友,何尝不也和我一样煎熬?










Annie Au
Founder of Miyaco

~Chemo Headwear and Headscarf~

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